You, Me and Everyone We Know Returns – Batch 006

March 13, 2019

This is exciting. Our Belgian program is starting to pick up some speed and evolve beyond what we originally planned. The very nature of this program is to be an artistic expression of beer in flux and is very much the opposite of the clean lagers we are known for. With these Franco-Belgian inspired beers, we allow ourselves ultimate creative expression with non-traditional brewing styles, ingredients and fermentation methods.

But before we threw you off the deep-end and head-first into the world of mixed fermentation, we had to first establish some sense of reference. The early releases of Farmhouse Slang were nods to the past with minimal modern influences. You, Me and Everyone We know served as the first oak-fermented sour many of our fans have ever tried. Now that we have a few years and releases under our belts, it’s time to get weird with it.

You, Me and Everyone We Know Batch 006 started off like all other releases as a heavily wheated turbid mashed ale destined for 100% foeder fermentation. After 15 months in the foeder, the beer took a turn towards the bright acidity, subtle tannins and a complex sourness. 15 months in the foeder was all this beer really needed. Solera Pull #003 without any modifications was delicious on its own, but we wanted to keep things interesting. Therefore, on Saturday, March 16th, we are proud to release You, Me and Everyone We Know Batch 006 — Solera Pull 004 aged on Orange Peel and Vanilla.

Fruited sours are nothing new and in fact are some of the oldest styles in the word. Adding fruit makes perfect sense. The orange brings a complementary acidity offering up a depth of sourness originating from both the fruit and the bacteria living within the walls of the foeder. The vanilla was added to introduce complementary flavors of oak and earthiness. We couldn’t be happier with the final product and can’t wait to share this beer with everyone.

4 bottle limit / $9 per bottle. Tasting room release Saturday, March 16, 2019 @ Noon.

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