Introducing: The Side Pour Pils

December 6, 2021

We take beer seriously and hope that is evident in everything we do. We especially take pride in our lagers and have been offering up slow pours of Southern Drawl Dry-Hopped Pilsner for years now. We’re excited to make another stride in sharing our passion for great lager with Shreveport – introducing the side pour tap!

Developed in Central Europe, and particularly popular with Czech-style pubs, the side-pour tap is ideal for pouring lager. This unique tap ensures there is an even layer of dense, wet foam on top of your golden lager. While a standard tap uses a plunger valve (allowing only “on” or “off” pouring), a side pour tap uses a ball valve. This allows our staff to vary the amount of beer or foam produced. A small micro-screen is installed in the faucet, producing a more dense, wet foam than a standard tap.

Why do you want a dense foam on your lager, anyway? Because it’s better that way! But seriously, the intensely aerated foam from a side pour works to maintain the integrity of the hop aromas throughout the entire beer. That thick foam holds up longer, protecting that golden lager from the air and keeping it just as fresh as the minute it was poured. Although side pour taps are popular across Central Europe, they’ve been slow to make their debut in the USA. Select bars in places like New York City, Portland, and Seattle have installed them, and Great Raft is the first location in North Louisiana to offer side pours. We’re excited to bring this tradition to Shreveport, where we’ll continue to share our delicious lagers with you. Stop by the Tasting Room to enjoy one soon!

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