Tradition Be Damned!

February 27, 2020

It’s 2020 and the brewing industry looks a lot different than it did even a couple years ago. Seltzer is a thing for now, hazy IPAs continue to dominate, pasty stouts are more and more bizarre and fruited sours tend to be more juice than beer. It’s a weird time to be brewing…but here we are.

With all that said, our goal of creating complex depth of flavor that isn’t overwhelmingly intense remains top of mind.  We drink beer. Like a lot. I know that seems like an obvious statement, but that vast majority of hyped styles these days are simply not known for drinkability. Tasty? Absolutely – but who needs sixteen ounces of a 13% heavy adjunct pasty stout? Yeah, it happens – but it never ends well. We’ve all been there.

The challenge remains the same: how do we brew interesting and flavorful beers that remain immensely drinkable?

Enter gose. Well, kind of. Let’s go ahead and acknowledge that a lot of the goses brewed in the U.S. today are traditional in nature, but tend to take a detour along the way. We are no different in that regard. There, I said it. Hit me with all the “get off my lawn” and “kids these days” comments so we can move on.

Where we shine is straddling that fence of being inspired by classic styles but brewing them to be our own.

Life Itself Key Lime Pie Gose is the perfect expression of that approach. The use of lactose milk sugar, cinnamon and limes create a delicious depth of flavor to enhance the tart gose style – all while remaining immensely drinkable and refreshing.

We have been planning this release for a year now, and can’t wait to share the results.

Come to Great Raft Brewing on Tuesday, March 17th and check out the first in our series of rotating goses that will be hitting the market all spring and summer long. You can get more details on our St. Patrick’s Day event right here.

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