Putting the Crisp in Crispy Boi

January 19, 2021

If you’ve spent any time here at Great Raft, you’ve almost certainly heard a staff member describe a beer as “crispy.” But what does that mean?  Well, “crispy” is just a way to describe an on-point, crushable……crisp…… lager.  Sure, we use a ton of names for beer like cold snacks, barley sandwich, beer pops, brewski, or wobble pops, but a “crispy” is reserved just for lager. A “crispy” is a lager that is just pure, clean and drinkable and it’s just what this crispy boi needs after all 2020.
I’m often asked why I love this type of beer so much, and I get so joyful every time I get to preach the gospel of Lager! This style of beer is extremely special because of it’s very delicate nature and nuance that takes quite some time to achieve. That’s where the term “Lagering” comes into play. Lagering is a term for maturing beer prior to filtration at sub-zero Celsius temperatures for weeks, if not months, before filtering and packaging. This style dates all the way back to the 1840s before the “haze craze,” barrel aging, and fruited sours trends that everyone (including myself) enjoy now. And yet, if you ask most folks, they will tell you that their fall back, porch sippin’, yard workin’, all day beer is a light lager or pilsner, which shows that this style is timeless and will never fade.  
Lager is a no gimmicks and no secrets style. You have nothing to hide behind. Water, malt, hops, and yeast – THAT’S IT. No lactose, or gummy worms, or (insert some weird adjunct here that I have seen over the years). None of that.  
Lager is a delicate creature! If you mess up one single step (too high of mash temp, over pitch/ underpitch yeast, get it too hot during fermentation, crash too early, crash too late, don’t lager for enough time), that will show on your final product. Sure, you can cover up that off flavor with a heavy dry hop or some fruit, but all that does is stray away from this simplistic, yet deeply complex style. So when I walk into a brewery, normally my first beer will be their lager or pilsner, because in my honest opinion, a lager shows your true brewing from grain-to-glass ability.
To that end, Great Raft Brewing is proud to bring back the supremely crushable and crispy THE COMPANY I KEEP. The Company I Keep is a delicious lager, dry hopped with Mosaic, Cascade and Citra hops, with just the right amount of fruit notes and a clean, dry finish. It will be available in the Tasting Room beginning Saturday, January 23, with 4-packs of 16oz cans in the market the following week. Stop by Saturday from 12-8pm and enjoy a pint on the patio!

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