How Great Raft Brewing Got Its Name

October 5, 2012

About the Great Red River Raft

“The Great Raft, described as perhaps the continent’s largest log jam, formed where the Red River leaves Arkansas and begins to run through Louisiana.  It began as the river ate away at its banks, causing the trees at the river’s edge to collapse into the water.  Timber and driftwood formed solid bridges that stretched across the river, sections that jutted from the river’s surface, and other parts that were hidden below the surface.”

“Before its removal by the Army Corps of Engineers in the 1800s, the Great Raft of the Red River had accumulated tens of millions of cubic feet of cedar, cypress, and petrified wood. The logjam blocked navigation on the Red for a distance of nearly one hundred miles. The raft removal project, initiated by Captain Henry Shreve in the 1830s, opened new territory in Louisiana and East Texas for settlement and agriculture.”

Great Raft Brewing 

We certainly want our beers to reflect our passion for flavorful craft beer, but also wanted to pay homage to our hometown and what helped it become the place it is today. Without Henry Miller Shreve, Shreveport would have never been opened to commerce. Just as the clearing of the Great Raft opened the area to growth and prosperity, we hope our brewery will help initiate a period of growth and prosperity of craft beer in Shreveport.

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1251 Dalzell Street, Shreveport, LA, 71103

Tasting Room Hours: Wednesday–Friday: 4-10PM | Saturdays: 12-10PM | Phone: 318-734-9881

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