Future Self

December 24, 2019

I suppose not all beers have to necessarily start with a clear vision of the finished product in mind. The nature of barrel aging and mixed fermentation, is that these beers tend to have a mind of their own. Sure, we have ideas about bitterness, flavor profile and drinkability – but at the end of the day, we are sometimes held hostage by many variables. What I love about our Belgian program is that we can embrace the unknown, and lean into the variables that we sometimes fear with brands we want to make consistent and repeatable.

Future Self was a bit of a “make-it-up-as-you-go” project over the past year — exploring fruit, yeast, oak and time. As the beer got better and better, it was a struggle to know exactly when the beer was “ready.” Future Self, after 13+ months in the making, is our final beer release of 2019 and a beautiful representation of everything we love about our Belgian program.

It all started with a hop-forward saison that was moved to red wine barrels after a quick two-month fermentation. After roughly a year in barrels, we moved it atop second-use mayhaws from our 100% foeder fermented sour, “Come What Mayhaw,” resulting in a nice balance of  fruit and acidity. Local peaches and orange peel were added and aged for another three months, resulting in one of our favorite creations of 2019.

What the team is saying:

“With the first sip, there is an instant sweet, honeysuckle flavor that transforms into a tart peach-like undertone. This beer has the ability to take you on a joy ride across the spectrum of wild beer.” – Brunson Cartwright, Operations Manager

Rather than describe Future Self as “complex,” I think of it as layered. All of the individual stone fruit and berry attributes become indistinguishable and form a new exciting flavor. This beer is stunningly close to a well-crafted sauvignon blanc and brings an entire new experience to those looking for an approachable beer when coming from the wine world.” – Garrett Johnson, Business Director

Future Self will be available in 500 ml bottles and on draft starting December 28th, 2019.

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