Farmhouse Slang Returns – Batch 005 Sorachi Ace

July 11, 2019

Ask any of the production staff what beer we collectively pine over the most and chances are – it’s Farmhouse Slang. For a variety of reasons, this one is always a favorite. Perhaps absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or maybe our team just loves the sharp, nuanced flavors and wide-range of the saison style. Before creating the fifth release of this beer, I took a moment to reflect on this brand to figure out why we love this style so much.

Drinkability – These days, most innovation in the American craft beer industry tends to be around intensity. Barrel-Aged barleywines, dry-hopped IPAs and heavily fruited sours certainly taste great, but some can lack in approachability / drinkability. Saison was first brewed with drinkability in mind. Light, crisp and funky. The true champagne of beer!

Complexity – This beer changes over time like no other. Batch 005 features Japanese Sorachi Ace dry-hops, giving this beer nuanced aromas of cedar, dill and pear. Over time, this beer will evolve to be less hoppy and showcase more earthy funk from the Brettanomyces. Two years from now, this beer will be very different.

A Broad Style – Often referred to as a farmhouse style ale, history tells us that saison was and still is very much brewed with a wide variety of ingredients. Historically, the style would be brewed in the winter months with whatever the farm had available. Rye, spelt, oats etc. These days the tradition continues with the introduction of fruit, species, hops, and other fermentables – meaning with the style, the possibilities are endless.

This weekend we are proud to present the fifth iteration of Farmhouse Slang brewed with Japanese Sorachi Ace. 500ml bottled conditioned bottles will be available at $8 each.

Be sure and check out the evolution of Farmhouse Slang here.

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